Yes4All Camping Hunting Survival Full Tang Axe w/ Spike H269 – ²HL62Z

Good axes go hand in hand with adventurous souls.This heavy duty 420 stainless steel Axe is your secret weapon. Yes4All Hunting Axe features solid construction giving you the extreme power for strong and accurate axe blows. Made of 420 stainless steel, Yes4all Hunting Axe is durable to withstand all ordinary rusting and severe weather.

The broad cutting axe blade is used for chopping, slashing and cutting sharply. The piercing spike is specially sharpened on both edges for cutting, punching and hooking.

Stylish cut-in holes reduces the overall weight for all day long of carrying and black powder coating gives it a smooth and killer look.

The handle with nice black nylon cord provides the perfect and comfortable grip for this weapon.

The set is fully equipped with Black nylon sheath (include Belt Loop) for every-day carry and Magnesium Fire Stater to serve you in any emergencies.

Hunting Axe only weights 23 oz., easy to carry around all day.

Note: The product comes with a fire starter or without it depending on your preference.

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