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Winter Camping Roundup – Year Round Adventure

There’s Still Time for Winter Camping

It’s March, and in the northeastern US, we are having a few warm days, but we are also still having some pretty cold weather.  There is still plenty of time for winter camping before the season starts to turn over to spring.  So if you missed any of these articles, here are the winter camping articles that we have published on

Where to Go

If you are looking for someplace to camp out, here is a roundup of winter camping spots in the northeast.  From my own back yard in Cooperstown NY, to Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, these campgrounds will provide outdoor adventure all winter long (and all summer, but that’s another story).

Camping Tips

In order to enjoy winter camping at one of these campgrounds, you need to know how to stay warm.  With the right techniques, and the right gear, this isn’t as difficult as it may seem, though.  These articles are full of tips and tricks that will help you get through the winter camping experience.

Brave the winter night, essential Camping tips

Winter camping tips for a successful campout

And lastly, this guest post from our friends at the Nature Tech Family blog talks about the fun you can have when you get out during the off season.  Off Season can have Peak Moments.

Enjoy Winter Camping

With the right gear, the right location, and the right state of mind, winter camping can be a very enjoyable experience.  Make sure that you are prepared, know how you are going to stay warm, and know where you are going before venturing out. But the number one rule of winter camping (well, camping in general) is to enjoy the experience.

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