National Parks Scratch Off Map Light

What Are Scratch Off Maps?

What is a scratch off map, and why would I want one I wondered when I first saw this. So I did some digging.

National Parks Scratch Off Map Dark
National Parks Scratch Off Map – Dark

While it is probably borderline gimmicky, it could be a fun way to display your bucket list, especially if you are traveling with your kids. I know people who are counting the number of National Parks they have visited, some with the lofty goal of visiting all of them. This map shows the United States, with all the National Parks. Scratching off an area reveals more detail, and gives you a visual record of where you have visited.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the National Parks scratch off map, but there are maps for the United States in general, or even for the world. So if you love to travel, and want a unique way to track your progress of where you have been, check these out.

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