Weekend Getaway – Go Camping Near Chicago

Our camping series continues for our friends in the Chicago area. Families that enjoy urban living can find it difficult to get out into nature. Not a walk in the park, but out in nature. Under the stars with your family around a campfire building memories that will last for generations to come.

A wonderful place to go that is about an hour southeast of Chicago. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, with its 15 miles of protected Lake Michigan shoreline. With 15000 acres and 45 miles of trails you will find plenty of outdoor fun here. This is a birders paradise with a vast amount of native and migratory birds to be found depending on the season. Children will marvel at the beautiful birds, with their vibrant colors.

Lake Michigan has a great many marine species for fishing. When was the last time dads you had your children out fishing? Even if you don’t particularly like to fish, children will have a ball catching fish. Memories busy professional parents would love to share with their children.

With swamps, bogs and marshes you will see a huge number of plant and animal species that will have you in amazement your whole visit.

Imagine camping under the stars with your children. When professional parents are looking out a high-rise window everyday imaging what it would be like to have the briefest of moments to share with their kids. Well camping is closer than you might think.

Car camping is a great way for families to load up a cooler, sleeping bags and a tent and head out. For just a short weekend trip, Indiana Dunes is a great place to take your family.

Check with the National Park Service for complete details on park hours, activities and safety messages. Stop thinking about it, load up the family and tonight sleep under the stars!

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