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Two Apps To Organize Your Camping Checklist

Camping is a very productive hobby. Going camping is your best bet, if you are looking to step away from your busy routine, and spend a day or two in the lap of nature. Going camping can help you relax, and release your stress. Moreover, hiking keeps a person fit and healthy, as it is an aerobic exercise. There are a lot of benefits of hiking, because it is a cardiorespiratory fitness exercise and keeps your heart, lungs, and liver in a healthy state. Hiking provides a person with muscle strength, and decreases the rate of loss of bone density. Moreover, hiking and camping also enable you to sleep better.

As we all know, nowadays, technology has taken over our lifestyles. We always carry our laptops, or tablet PCs all around with us. If not these devices, everyone surely carries around their smartphone with them, wherever they go. There is a diverse range of applications, available on the app store, for almost every purpose. If you are looking forward to go camping or hiking, with your family or friends, then you might want to load some apps on your smartphone for helping you out on planning the trip. Doing this will help you use your smartphone in a productive way, relevant to your adventure. In this article, we have shortlisted one best application for each of the two most popular smartphone platforms – iOS by Apple, and Android by Google. These applications can help you out with different tasks on your trip, such as listing essential items for your trip, organizing a to-do list, planning your meals, and documenting memorable locations by attaching photos. Let’s move on to reviewing these applications, and their features.

PACKING PRO for iOS Devices

Packing Pro is a feature-packed travel app second to none, available on the Apple app store, at a price of $2.99. It is a great travel app, which can help you with loads of things. One of the best things about this app is that it enables the users to enlist unlimited number of catalogues for classifying the essential items to carry along with you, during the trip. This superb application is perfect for all kinds of individuals, covering a wide spectrum of individuals who go camping on a routine basis, to the individuals who are going camping for the first time. The app provides you with a full-fledged flaccidity, to organize your trip the way you want.

The application helps you to organize the items to be packed for your trip. The app includes pre-made lists of essential items to pack for your trip, for beginners. However, if you are an advanced camper, then you can organize the list of items to be packed on your own with a highly convenient approach. The application also helps you attach photos to each item in the list, so that you can keep a track of which product to buy for what purpose. The application helps you sort out the essential items into numerous categories, and sub-categories. This feature helps you to pack along everything you need for your camping trip.

This application will also assist you in listing the individuals who will be going along you on the trip. Moreover, this feature also enables you to sub-divide the list of individuals into different groups. This option is generally essential, if you are leading a trip of a large number of individuals. Moreover, this feature also enables you to sub-divide the list of individuals into different groups. The individuals can be grouped on the basis of their age groups, their responsibilities, their experience, and many more attributes. This helps in organizing the individuals, and assigning different tasks to them.

The exceptional user interface causes the user to fall in love with the application at first sight. The user interface comes with a preference to customize the design of the app, and personalize the user experience. The pre-included themes in the application allow you to modify the look and feel of the device, whenever you get bored. The application also enables the user to choose from a number of fonts and display textures. So, long story short, the application features a number of personalization preferences to play around with.

The application features a remarkable user experience, which leaves the users astonished with customizability and reliability of the application. The application is packed with a number of features to improve user experience, based on the users’ preferences. The application features iCloud Auto-sync for keeping all of the data synchronized to your Apple ID. The exceptional sharing options add up to the premium user experience, and enable the users to share their catalogues over DropBox, AirDrop, and iCloud drive.

Overall, it is a great application with great features. Packing Pro will set you back by an amount of $2.99, but it surely makes up for that in terms of reliability, and features. It is the ultimate application, to help you out on a camping, or hiking trip.

Camping Trip Planner for Android Devices

The Camping Trip Planner is a highly innovative application. It is available on the Google Play Store at a price of $0.99. With the exceptional abilities and features, the application proves itself to be well worth the 99 cents, you spend. Though not as feature-rich as the Packing Pro application for the Apple devices, which we discussed earlier, the Camping Trip Planner is an essential application for your Android smartphone to plan your camping and vacation trips.

The application includes a built-in list of necessary items to carry along on a camping trip for the amateurs. However, users can also customize the list to cater to their needs, for the trip. Moreover, users can also create unlimited number of lists, for all sorts of trips, such as, a hiking trip, road trip, or even a holiday trip.

Creating or customizing a list in this application is very easy. All the items in a list can be classified into more sub-categories. This application is very convenient as it allows the users to mark all the items one has packed, in a checklist orientation. This enables the users to pack all of their essential items in their inventory, before leaving for a trip.

The application features a clean and simplistic user interface, in a black color scheme. Although the application does not feature a fancy design, but it easily gets the job done. Users can also create custom to-do lists in this application, for their camping trip. Moreover, the users can also create customized lists for planning their meals on their camping trip.

Overall, the Camping Trip Planner is the perfect application for planning your hiking trip. Although it does not feature a fancy design and fancy features, it can prove to be the best trip planner for your camping trip. The application is well worth the 99 cents spent by a user.

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