3 Wet Weather Camping Videos

The following 3 videos are all on the topic of wet weather camping.  All have some tips and examples in them, mixed in with some great scenery.

This video is packed with tips and hacks for staying dry in a tent on a rainy camping trip.  Use tarps for covering your gear.  They show tents with good air flow to help prevent condensation, and to quickly dry them out when they get wet.  And they give some good tips on organizing your supplies to keep things dry.

This video is from England, and has a few good wet weather tips for keeping your gear dry, and packing your rucksack (backpack) in a way that will keep your gear from getting wet.


This video doesn’t have many actual tips, but it has some good footage of camping out in a rainstorm, as well as some really beautiful footage of sunrise around the campsite. And it shows some things that you need to be aware of.  At one point, they show some runoff that is coming from some rocks, and draining right into their campsite.  There was not enough water to cause a danger, but you need to think about where  you are setting up your camp.  In some areas of the country, large amounts of water can begin draining when there is a heavy rains.  Flash floods can be very dangerous.  So stay out of those areas when setting up your tent.  As far as features of their site, it looks like they have some sort of pavillion or lean-to with a picnic table.  If you are car camping, an inexpensive ez-up type canopy is great to have along on your trip.  For backpacking, an extra tarp may provide a shelter where you can get out of your tent and sit around talking with friends or playing cards.

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