The REI Kingdom Tent

On our most recent camping expedition, we had an extremely hard rain storm in the night.  Once again our Kelty Gunnison tents stayed completely dry inside.  I’m always interested in how other tents do, and one of the neighboring campers had an REI Kingdom.  I believe it was the 6 person model. So the next morning I asked how they weathered the storm in the night.  The reply was very positive. Everything inside the tent had stayed bone dry.  This had been their first outing with the tent, and despite the weather they were very pleased with it.

Their tent had the optional attached garage, and it looked great.  It had plenty of room, and allowed them an area to keep gear, remove rain coats, and even to sit outside their tent in the rain.

So I haven’t stayed in one of these tents myself, but based on reviews online, and this first hand account of the tents performance, I would have no trouble making an investment in one of these tents.

Here are some videos I found that provide more information about this tent.

Here’s a demo of setting up the 6 person Kingdom

And the 6 person model with the garage

Here’s a video of the 8 person model enduring heavy rain.

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