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The 5 Best Selling Dutch Oven Cookbooks at*

Here is a list of the top 5 camping dutch oven cookbooks on One thing I found interesting about this list is that all of them have Kindle editions, and numbers 2-4 come in ONLY a Kindle edition.  Evidently I’m not the only person who takes a tablet camping for meal time.  You can read kindle books on any tablet with Amazon’s free app, or you can grab a Kindle here…

I filtered out some dutch oven cookbooks on the Amazon list that are not specifically for outdoor dutch ovens.  However, it isn’t hard to translate the recipes meant for cast iron in your kitchen oven into a delicious meal cooked with charcoal in the backyard.  But for this list, I’m staying with just the outdoor cookbooks.

At the end of the list is a bonus… one of my all time person favorite dutch oven cookbooks.

Disclaimer, I’ve included affiliate links to the books in this post, so I will get a commission if you buy one.   Here is the list!


5 – The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook, Second Edition – Sheila Mills


4 – Camping Cookbook: Camping Recipes Made Easy: 50 Recipes! Featuring Foil Packet Recipes, Dutch Oven Recipes, Campfire Grilling Recipes, and Campfire Cooking Recipes Kindle Edition – Alexa Frank


3 – The Complete Book of Dutch Oven Cooking Kindle Edition – J. Wayne Fears


2 – Camping Cookbook: Dutch Oven Cast Iron Recipes (Volume 3) – Louise Davidson


1 – 101 Things To Do with a Dutch Oven – Vernon Winterton

Bonus, my favorite dutch oven recipe book.  This was my first book of outdoor recipes, and I have had many great camping meals based on it. This is a fantastic book, and I highly recommend it.  I actually have this in both soft cover and Kindle editions.

Scout’s Outdoor Cookbook (Falcon Guide) – Christine Conners and Tim Conners

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