Hammock Style Tents from Tentsile For Your Camping Adventure

Tentsile is a new tent company that is making a new run with a unique type of tent.  They made their first tent prototypes in 2012, coming out with more new models, and generating quite a bit of interest over the next few years.  The tents are set up so they are suspended in trees. They are a very interesting type of tent because they are like hammocks. Their idea came from a love of treehouses.  With these tents, there will be no more searching for flat ground or sleeping on a rock.  Below are 5 models of their tents.

Trillium– A small, stackable and versatile hammock that sleeps 3 people. Options are almost unlimited in terms of set up because the tents can be stacked to make multiple floors. Once you start stacking the tents you can fit 3 people to each level.

Tentsile Trillium
This is the Trillium by Tentsile

Vista– A 2 layer tree tent that has a removable cover to allow you to see the scenic views of the outdoors. This is basically a triangular hammock with a cover that you can get in. The cover can also be used as a rain fly.


Trilogy– The largest of the Tentsile collection. It has 3 different sleeping areas. It holds 6 people but can be combined with other hammocks to hold 9 or more people. This can almost be turned into a “tent city” in the trees. This tent is perfect for large groups of campers.

Tentsile Trilogy
Tentsile Trilogy

Connect– Has 4 doors and tear resistant mesh walls to keep the bugs out. It can be connected to 3 or more other Connect tents, hence the name Connect. It is a 2 person, 4 season tent.

Tentsile Connect
Tentsile Connect

Stingray-Is a 3 person 4 season tent. Is like sleeping on a trampoline and lots of fun to be in. Is suitable for a small group of people.

Tentsile Stingray
Tentsile Stingray

Tentsile has taken a unique approach to camping with this innovative line of tents.  One definite advantage is the low impact on the ground cover due to the fact they do not rest on the ground.  Vegetation will not be matted down, and in some areas this is a real plus.  Wet, rocky, and uneven ground that is uncomfortable to sleep on in a normal tent will not cause you any discomfort in one of these tents.  If you are looking for something new and different give these tents a try.  Visit Tentsile online at www.tentsile.com for purchase in England.  Tentsile’s products can be purchased in the United States online through REI.

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