Sleeping Bag and Mat

Take Care When Purchasing Sleeping Bags

Western Mountaineering Sycamore MF Sleeping Bag -4C Unisex [$416-435]

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a roomy cut, and a hood for those colder nights. This bag won’t bode well for winter camping, but it is great for summer, autumn and spring wilderness camping. The hood keeps you head warm at night, and it zips up like a mummy bag would. The zipper at the bottom of the bag can be opened up for those who may feel too warm on summer nights. The outer shell is lightweight, weather resistant, and it is made out of goose-down.

Although you don’t need the top brand for those backyard camping nights, it is nice to have one or two excellent quality sleeping bags around for when you want to go hiking, backpacking, or camping during the colder months. Just make sure you choose one that suits the climate you are going to camp the most in, and the fit that you want. Some don’t enjoy the hoods of mummy sleeping bags, while others need that fitted feel.

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