Resources for Safe Outdoor Activities

Safe Outdoor Activities Individuals and Families Can Still Enjoy: Tips and Resources 

If you’re starting to go a little stir crazy in self-isolation, you should know that there are still a few outdoor activities you can safely enjoy — so long as you check local restrictions and stay prepared to practice proper social distancing. So, whether you are looking for family fun in your own backyard or a solo outdoor adventure, here are a few ideas for getting some fresh air and sunshine without sacrificing your safety. 

Outdoor Cycling

Safe Outdoor Activities - Biking
Safe Outdoor Activities

If you’re looking for some fun and fitness, grab your bike and hit the road with these tips. 

  • Outdoor cycling can be fun and beneficial for all ages, so feel free to enjoy this adventure solo or bring your little ones along. 
  • For those who are concerned about budget, buying a used bike can help. 
  • An outdoor cycling adventure can be as short or as long as you would like, but you may need to scout out local bicycle paths for those epic cycling trips. 
  • Cycling safely during the COVID-19 outbreak may require you to leave more room between yourself and walkers or runners on your route. 

Backyard Camping

If you or a family member is at a higher risk for COVID-19, you may want to stick closer to home. Use the following tips to plan a safe backyard camping trip. 

  • Even if you don’t have kids, you can plan a solo backyard camping adventure in no time. 
  • Buying a tent will help keep you cozy and sheltered if you plan on camping overnight, but you can also build a tarp shelter
  • Having a first-aid kit handy is a good idea even if you plan on camping in your own yard. 
  • Planning some games, like a backyard tree identification game, can keep things fun, and being able to identify trees can also be beneficial for those with allergies. 
  • If you want to get farther away, find out more about camping on public lands away from crowded campgrounds. Learn more about primitive camping with this article here on MustGoCamping.

Backyard Swimming 

For more fun in your backyard, you could always plan some family or solo pool time to help beat the heat of spring and summer, but use these tips to stay safe and stress-free. 

  • Test your pool water to see if you need to adjust any chemicals before swimming.
  • If you plan on letting kids swim, make sure there is adult supervision at all times to prevent accidental drownings and other accidents. 
  • Make sure that any swimmers wear waterproof sunscreen to avoid the harmful effects of exposure to the sun’s UV rays. 
  • Aside from testing the water and setting a pool up, this is an activity that takes very little time to plan and you can stay in the pool as long as you want.  

Outdoor Hiking

For a bigger escape from your backyard, you can think about planning a hiking adventure to enjoy by yourself or with your household members. Here are some things to keep in mind. 

  • New hikers should read through online hiking guides to avoid having a simple mistake turn into a major safety issue on the trail. 
  • Packing a backpack with a few snacks and essentials is a wise move even for shorter hiking trips and outdoor adventures. 
  • Speaking of snacks, bringing foods that provide fuel is also a good idea but you should also bring plenty of water along for your adventure. 
  • Hiking is another outdoor activity that can be adjusted according to how much time you have and you can use hiking apps to help plan out your trip. 

Time in nature can be good for your soul. So, try exploring safe local activities or stick to your backyard to get the benefits of time outside without any added risks. 

Thank you to Henry Moore for this article. Photo Credit: Rawpixel

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