S'mores without a stick

How to Make Smores Without A Stick

I was recently told you could make s’mores without putting the marshmallows on a stick.  This I had to try.  The only info I had was that you should put the marshmallow on the graham cracker, and set it on a rock next to the fire.  This is great news for anyone that has had to go searching in the dark for the perfect stick for roasting these sugary treats.  So I had to do some experimenting to see what would work the best.

First off, your results are going to vary depending on how big and how hot you have built your fire.  My fire was by no means a large bonfire, but I didn’t let it get burned all the way down to cooking coals either.  The most important thing though, is that since you are not using a stick to cook the marshmallows, you may be getting a little closer to the fire than normal.  It is probably not the best idea to let younger kids do this.  I wasn’t close enough to get burned, but you have to keep a close eye on kids and make sure they don’t fall in the fire.  With those disclaimers out of the way, here’s what I found.

Get a nice flat rock to set your s’more on.  Put the chocolate on the graham cracker, and the marshmallow on top of that. Leave the top graham cracker off so the marshmallow can get more heat.  Get the rock about a foot or two from the fire. Again, take care not to burn yourself. Start farther away and work closer if you need to.  Don’t get so close that you are going to get burned.  Keep an eye on the marshmallow, and rotate it occasionally to heat it evenly.  When it’s done, put the top graham cracker on it.  Squish it as you normally would with the traditional method.  Let it cool as much as you need to before eating.

If you like the crispy burned type of marshmallow, this approach may not be the best for you.  The inside gets really hot and melted with a slightly browned outside.  I didn’t know how well it would work with the chocolate on the graham cracker, but that does not seem to cause a problem.  This takes a little longer to cook marshmallows in this way, so be patient.  The outcome will be worth it. And remember, you didn’t have to go hunting for a stick!!

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