Lotus Belle Tents

Lotus Belle Tents

Lotus Belle was founded by Harriet Seddon. She was in the first year of her design degree when she began to draw the first ideas of the Lotus Belle tent. She showed her design to a manufacturer who imported bell tents. The manufacturer took her under his wing and they made the first prototype.

There are 3 different types of tents that they manufacture. There are the original tents, outback tents, and deluxe tents. All tents come with either a 4 meter or 5-meter diameter at the base. There are also accessories you can buy to go with the tent.

The original tents have a single door and PVC windows on the side.

The outback tents have a rectangular vent in the rear of the tent for extra airflow. It also has mesh windows instead of PVC windows. And a mesh door.

The deluxe tents have a door in the back where you can put a porch or a kitchen or anything else you can think of. It also has bigger roof vents for more ventilation.

If you are interested in buying a Lotus belle tent you can visit their website.

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