Kelty Sequoia Family Tents – New for 2018

Kelty’s new Sequoia family tents come in 4 person and 6 person models.  The Sequoia is a 3 season tent with a full rain fly.  This is not a lightweight backpacking tent.  If you want a solidly built tent for taking your family car camping, however, this will be the tent for you.  It has steel poles and steep sides for durability and lots of room inside for your gear, and for moving around.  There is a decent sized vestibule to leave your shoes and wet gear outside, as well as lots of storage pockets inside.

The list price from Kelty right now is $249 for the 4 person model, and $349 for the 6 person model.  They also have an optional footprint for under the tent.  You can purchase the footprint sized to the tent, or go to the local big box or discount stores for a tarp.  And here is some further reading on tent footprints.

I rely on Kelty tent’s.  I have put them through their paces in a variety of conditions from snow to torrential rain, and they have held up extremely well.  If I get a chance to review the Sequoia line, I am sure I will not be disappointed.

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