Jetboil Genesis Base Camp

Jetboil Genesis Base Camp Review

Jetboil makes high end hiking and camping cookware, that comes at a premium price. Except for the $349 price, the Genesis Base Camp is a sweet cook system in a compact package. I really didn’t see myself getting one until I found a factory second model at the Eureka Camping Store. It had a hefty discount due to some dents in the pot that comes with the set, so I decided to give it a try.

Good First Impression

With the first use, I was impressed. We made some pasta for dinner on a campout, and true to its marketing, it boils water quickly. And unlike cheaper small propane stoves, you do have noticeably better control of the level of heat under your food. The lid for the pot even has holes in it to let you drain pasta! Very well thought out.

Then Some Problems

However, breakfast the next morning was disappointing. One of the two burners would not light. It had worked flawlessly the night before. Absolutely no gas was coming out of it. The other burner was fine, but breakfast needed to be done on just one burner.

Good Customer Service

Even though this was a factory second, Jetboil stood behind it. They replaced the stove itself, and I once again have a working stove. But based on reviews I’ve seen online, this was not an isolated incident. So I just hope that this one keeps working.

The Bottom Line

So, the pros: compact, efficient, and great control over the heat. Cons: price, and reliability. I hope the reliability rating will improve after I use the replacement stove more. Overall, I love cooking with this stove. The control I have of the temperature lets me quickly boil water, and also just simmer a sauce. I’m a little concerned about reliability though and feel I need to have a backup of some sort, which defeats its portability. The bottom line, would I buy one for the full $349? Probably not. If it had a 5-star rating on, which at the time I write this, it does not, and had a better track record for reliability, maybe.

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