How to cook Pizza over a Campfire

Pizza over a fire

A couple of comments on this first video…  she has a great recipe for making your pizza dough from scratch.  If you are not this adventurous, you can always get one of the instant dough packets that just requires you to add water.  You will still want to watch this video though, because the 2nd half shows how to bake a pizza on a cast iron grill with a reflector.

For that, they have a fire pit set up up nicely for the purpose.  If you don’t have a fire pit like this, you can use one of the TexSport grills that I am including links to below.


Pan Pizza in a Skillet

Even though the next video uses an oven, and a kitchen, there are still a couple ideas that I am taking away from it that can be applied to camping pizza.  This video has some ideas for the sauce. AND, it shows the technique of doing a pan pizza in a round cast iron skillet.   You can take this skillet, and use it on your grill with the reflector, as in the first video. OR, you can use this technique, and put your pizza into a dutch oven instead of a skillet, putting coals under the dutch oven as well as on the lid to bake it.



And here is some gear you may need, which I’m including for your convenience.  Disclaimer, these are affiliate links, and will take you to Amazon.  If you purchase any of these items (or anything else while you’re there) I will get a commission.  I do own a set of the Lodge cast iron skillets, as well as the Texsport Rotisserie grill, and I use them all the time, so enjoy!!!


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