Good Bye

Good Bye Gander Mountain

The last day of business for our local Gander Mountain location is July 29, 2017.  Sadly, I can’t really say I’m going to miss them.  Mostly because there are other sporting goods stores in our area, and Gander Mountain always had the highest prices.  That may have been one of the reasons for the chain going bankrupt.  I’m not always about finding things at the cheapest price. But if I’m going to impulse buy something, it needs to be a good deal. And if I am shopping for something specific, a reasonable price, or a locally owned business will be my first options. Gander Mountain isn’t locally owned and almost never has the best price.

They have nice merchandise.  But when I can buy Lodge Cast Iron cookware cheaper at my local hardware store, as well as at, I’m not driving 30 miles to Gander to buy it.  And that was also the case with most of my camping and outdoor gear needs, with a couple notable exceptions

One of those is a Gander Mountain cot that goes with me to to scout camp each year.  It’s design is comfortable, strong, and functional.  And I got it for $99, which at the time was $50 off the usual price tag.  The other Gander Mountain branded item I own happens to be my favorite sweatshirt.  Just one of those comfortable things that you always throw on and can never really replace.

Other than that, I would occasionally find something there on a clearance rack, but that wasn’t often.  They didn’t have many unique items I couldn’t find somewhere else.  So I normally only went there if I was in the area and had some times to kill, not when I was looking for a specific item.

So good bye Gander Mountain.  Someday my grandkids will look at my Gander Mountain sweatshirt, and ask where that mountain is.

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