Weekend Getaway – Go Camping Near NY City

So many of us just need a little break from our everyday grind, just a couple of days to unplug and relax. This can be especially difficult if you live in a major metropolitan area. Of course you can check into a hotel, but what we‘re talking about is getting out into nature for some well-deserved R&R.

If you live close to New York City you might find getting away to go camping a bit of a challenge, but happily you can find fun campsites closer than you might think. So how does one just simply get up and go camping. It’s easy!

Car camping is extremely popular. No not sleeping in your car, but camping beside your car at a normal campground. Family friendly campgrounds allow for car camping.

Some fun places to go camping. Gateway National Recreation Areas, Camp Gateway Brooklyn, Camp Gateway Sandy Hook, and Camp Gateway Staten Island. These sites offer hiking, campfire rings, fishing, and fun activities for families.

Each of these sites is easy for New Yorkers to access. For example Camp Gateway Brooklyn offers 26000 acres of park to explore. Birding, hiking, nature trails and historic sites, lots of fun outdoor activities to choose from, your family will have a great time.

Camp Staten Island has spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty, and the Manhattan skyline. More importantly hiking trails, nature areas for birding, camping and fishing, all with easy access from the city, it’s not hard to find nature. Sometimes it’s right in your backyard.

Camp Sandy Hook is prime beach location and home to lots of water activities. When was the last time you had your kids out fishing, if ever? This park allows for tent camping, biking, birding and lots of nature trails. Cook s-mores on a campfire with your family. Memories that will last a lifetime, your children will share these stories with their children.

For New Yorkers getting out and camping seems like something of a trip to the moon. Right at home you have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world with lots of fun outdoor activities.

Car camping is all the rage for weekend warriors or families just needing some well-deserved family time. Wall Street dads who need some quality time with family, these New York treasures are just the ticket. Check the National Park Service web site for complete details on these camp sites.


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