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Gnar Hammock Review

Gnar Hammocks are made in the USA by a company located in Summerville, SC. I purchased one of their double hammocks a while back to get into hammock camping, and here are my impressions on this hammock.

Initially, I started bringing it along on camping trips as extra camp furniture.  I hadn’t used hammocks much and I wanted to spend some time getting used to it.  This took some time… but after a number of naps, I can tell you, this hammock is extremely comfortable.  It’s a double, and with one person in it, it just wraps right around you. Believe me, I researched this thoroughly!

Gnar makes one model with a bug net.  In the woods in the northeast, this would have been good to have.  But that isn’t what I bought, so I had to get a separate bug net.  This has an advantage… when the weather cools down, and the mosquitos go away, you can just leave the net home.

For camping in the Gnar, some accessories are needed.  So along with the Gnar, we will add an ENO bug net, and a UST tube tarp.  Since i got the ENO bug net, I’ve also found a highly rated bug net from Legit Camping for significant savings. You will also need some rope and some tent stakes.

In part 2 of this series, I’ll go over the whole setup and how it works, so check back.  In the meantime, you can check out the Hammock Camping 101 article here on Must Go Camping.  Another great read is the book The Ultimate Hang available on

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