Egg Rock Lighthouse - Maine

Egg Rock Lighthouse, Maine

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Maine was our Nature Cruise along the coast of Mount Desert Island.  As part of that tour, we got to see a number of islands, wild life, and some beautiful scenery.  This was one of the standouts on that tour, the Egg Rock Lighthouse.  You won’t be able to get to this light without a boat.  You won’t see many tourists on Egg Rock, but you will see a variety of birds, and a number of seals sunning themselves on the rocks.

About the light

Egg Rock is located halfway between Mount Desert Island and Schoodic Peninsula in Frenchman Bay, Maine.  There is a 40 foot tall light within the Keepers house, along with a fog station located on the island.  The light was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.  (source)

All photos in this article are taken by me, and cannot be used or copied without express written permission.  For more on our recent trip to Maine see Camping at KOA Oceanside, Bar Harbor Maine.


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