Rusty Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven Cleaning Demo

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Here’s a great quick video demo I found of cleaning out a rusty dutch oven and re-seasoning it.  This is pretty much how I do most of my re-seasoning’s.  However, a couple of quick notes to help you out in some cases:

  • He uses Vegetable or Canola oil.  If you put this on too thick, some oils can create a sticky or slightly tacky finish.  I’ve found some cast iron conditioning oil, which, although slightly on the expensive side, does keep a really nice finish on your cookware.  And it’s especially good for putting the initial coating on your cookware if you are re-seasoning it.  There is also some cast iron cleaner from the same manufacturer, which I haven’t tried.  If you have used this, please leave a comment below and let me know how it works.  From the description, it looks like it’s for cleaning between uses, not rust removal.
  • It may sound obvious, but make sure you only use the soap and scouring pad if you are taking your cookware down to the metal in order to re-season it.  Never do that when you’re cleaning it after cooking.
  • I like how he recommends putting the pot in the oven for a few minutes to make sure it’s dry.  I would make sure your oven is pre-heated though.  Turn it on when you are finishing up the cleaning process, so it’s hot.  Then, obviously, use pot holders or oven mitts to take it out because it will be hot.  Sorry, but I know if I don’t put that in there, someone will call me out on it!

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