Crescent Moon Eva Foam Snowshoe

Crescent Moon EVA Foam Snowshoes

Earlier in the winter, I won a pair of Crescent Moon EVA Foam snowshoes. It had taken a while for them to arrive, and I was actually at the point where I was hoping I would not be able to try them out until next season. I’m officially ready for spring, warm weather, and camping. But they arrived last week, and ironically yesterday we got what I hope is our last Nor’easter of the season. Today, we have cold temps (for spring) in the 30-degree range, fresh snow, and I have a new pair of snowshoes and poles to try out.

Crescent Moon Eva Foam Snowshoes
Crescent Moon EVA Foam Snowshoes

I had researched these Crescent Moon Snowshoes a little, and I was a little concerned because the website said they support up to 200 lbs. I’m a little over that, and usually am walking on the biggest, clumsiest snowshoes I can find. We don’t have terribly deep snow today, and what we have is packy, not light and powdery. So strapped them on, and headed out.

Specs: 8″ x 24″ and 3.8lbs per pair. Made of dual density foam, and include hook and loop bindings. Trail rated, best on packed powder and flat to rolling terrain.

These are small snowshoes, and if we had deep powder, they would not work well, at least not for me. But in today’s conditions, they were great. It’s a bit too deep to hike in just boots, but not so deep that I need 32″ or 36″ snowshoes. If you know what these snowshoes are good for, they will work well for you.

I hiked through an area covered with brush and small trees and found that these shoes are very maneuverable and with the lack of openings, and a frame in general, you don’t get hung up as easily on sticks and branches that are under the snow. With their small size, they are great to get in and out of tight places. They don’t bridge on rough ground. Overall, these are really sturdy, and work really well for woods and established trails.

Foam snowshoes are definitely different. This was my first chance to try them out. They are very easy to walk on, and I would highly recommend them for beginners. I’ll still be sticking with my larger shoes for deeper snow, but when it’s like today, these are going to be my go-to shoes.

To buy a pair of these snowshoes on Amazon and support, follow the link to the right. We will get a commission at no extra cost to you.

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