Two friends are sitting around a campfire
Two friends are sitting around a campfire and just relaxing

Camping Stories

One of the best parts of camping is sitting around the fire and telling stories. And some of the best adventures can become some of the best camping stories you will have to tell. Especially when kids, dogs, and sometimes even some wild critters are involved. Here you will find some of my favorite camping stories.

Remember When We Camped At…

As my son goes off to college for what is now his third semester, and I reflect on the last 18 years it hits me. Some of the best memories we have start with “Remember when we went camping at….”
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Resources for Safe Outdoor Activities

If you are looking for new things to do outdoors because you are in a rut, or because many of the activities you normally enjoy are shut down for a while, here are some resources for you to find some safe outdoor activities this spring.
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Cabin Fever Winter Fest 2019

Cabin Fever Winter Fest '19 sponsored by Five Star Subaru of Oneonta, NY, held at Gilbert Lake State Park.
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#OptOutside Ideas

This Black Friday, avoid the crowds, avoid the stress, and avoid the shopping. #OptOutside. Here are some ideas for enjoying the outdoors this year from
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Campground Review – Assateague Island State Park

Camping with the wild Ponies on Assateague is something you must experience. Assateague’s state park provides a beautiful camping facility, a comfortable and not too crowded beach, and Ponies!
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12 Days of Summer Camping

Here's a quick summary of where we have been staking out our tents this summer.
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This Weekend’s Adventure

This weekend we packed up the car with camping gear, fishing rods, and our kayaks, and headed to northern NY....
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Bringing It In

Reconnect with the outdoors.
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Skunk Troubles

Skunks are not the best camping partners. Here is my story of an organized invasion of skunks, determined to ruin our campout.
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10 Smart Gadgets to NOT Bring Camping

What gadgets do you take camping? What gadgets are over the top? Here are some gadgets from a list of "smart" gadgets, along with some alternatives that don't require an app to use. You decide which you prefer.
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