Camping at Myrtle Beach

The Best Camping At Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is one of the Carolina’s most popular vacation destinations, welcoming on average over 19 million visitors each year. Between its stunning coastline, pristine beaches, fun-filled attractions, and delicious southern food, it’s easy to see why so many people love this city by the sea. While several hotels and fancy resorts provide accommodations throughout Myrtle Beach, one of the best ways to experience it all, at least in our opinion, is by camping – after all, who wouldn’t love camping near Myrtle Beach’s pristine coastline?!

5 Incredible Places for Camping at Myrtle Beach

Camping at Myrtle Beach
Camping at Myrtle Beach

There are several campgrounds spread throughout Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area offering a wide variety of camping experiences. No matter where you’re looking to stay, whether that’s right in the city, by the ocean, or away from it all in the surrounding wilderness, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. 

To help you plan your own camping adventures, we’ve compiled below our list of the top five campgrounds near Myrtle Beach!

Myrtle Beach State Park

Located in the heart of Myrtle Beach lies the Myrtle Beach State Park, a protected area of 312 acres that is situated right on the ocean. Here you’ll find preserved beaches, sand dunes, and salt-marshes, as well as a plethora of wildlife, including nesting sea turtles – if you come at the right time! Offering tent and RV camping, the state park hosts over 300 campsites, as well as six fully furnished cabins. Guests to the park will have the opportunity to partake in a variety of nature tours and activities, including hiking, fishing, crabbing, geocaching, biking, and swimming.

Lakewood Camping Resort

The Lakewood Camping Resort is an award-winning campground located in the center of Myrtle Beach. With nearly 1300 campsites, the campground offers a wide variety of camping set-ups ranging from sunny to shady, oceanfront, and lakeside. There are even rental homes for those looking for a more luxurious “camping” experience. Guests to the resort have full access to the campground’s facilities, which include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a water park, mini-golf course, arcade, several sports courts, and an oceanfront amphitheater. The resort also provides direct access to the beach, as well as boat, bicycle, and golf cart rentals. 

Myrtle Beach KOA

The Myrtle Beach KOA Campground is a great option to consider if you don’t want to be in the center of all the action. While still close to the city’s main attractions, this campground is more removed and set back from the beach, providing a traditional, rustic camping experience. Here you’ll find over 500 campsites set up to accommodate both tents and RVs, as well as 30 deluxe cabins. Amenities at this dog-friendly campground include a children’s playground, climbing wall, dog park, splash pad, and outdoor cinema. There’s also a free shuttle that transports guests to and from the public beach. 

Ocean Lakes Family Campground

Offering endless fun in the sun, Ocean Lakes Family Campground is one of the best campsites for families looking to stay near the city center. Not only does the campground provide direct access to the beach, but it’s also home to a variety of fun-filled amenities, including a gaming center, mini-golf course, theater, nature center, waterpark, and several recreational courts. Guests to the campground have the option to choose from over 800 campsites and 300 rental homes. Campsites are set up to accommodate both tents and RVs and range in location from oceanfront to lakeside and forestside.

Huntington Beach State Park

If you’re looking for a place to stay that’s completely removed from the hustle and bustle of Myrtle Beach, then Huntington Beach State Park is the perfect option. Located south of the city, this state park spans a total of 2500 acres and offers access to some of the area’s most pristine beaches, marches, and forests. Open year-round, this dog-friendly campsite can accommodate up to 180 campers, with a mix of tent and RV set-ups available. Guests to the campground will have full access to the park’s activities, which include hiking, fishing, swimming, biking, geocaching, and park-run wildlife expeditions.

The Best Activities to Do near Myrtle Beach

If you’re visiting Myrtle Beach, you’ll definitely want to set aside some time to take advantage of the city’s area attractions and activities. Our top recommendations for things to do near Myrtle Beach are included below!

Hit the Beach

Everyone visits Myrtle Beach for the beach! Named the Grand Strand, the city’s shoreline stretches for over sixty miles, providing incredible views and access to the Atlantic Ocean. And the best part about it all is the majority of the beach is available and open to the public. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to not only explore the beach but also partake in countless water sports and activities. From swimming to surfing, parasailing, boating, tubing, water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, sailing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, and banana boat rides – the opportunities are literally endless! 

Hop Aboard a Boat

Every visit to Myrtle Beach should include a boat ride at some point! Not only will this provide you with incredible views of the coastline, but it’ll also offer you the opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of marine life. There are several boat tours that visitors can take advantage of; however, two of the most popular include fishing charters and dolphin tours. On fishing charters, you can choose to venture offshore for some deep-sea fishing or opt to explore the inlets and back bays for smaller, local fish. Dolphins tours usually head out to explore some of the area’s uninhabited islands, where pods of dolphins are known to congregate. 

Take in the Views from Above

If you’d like to see Myrtle Beach from a different perspective, then be sure to take advantage of the city’s several rope courses and zipline adventures. Located throughout and outside of the city center, these aerial parks offer a variety of views and thrilling, heart-racing experiences. Speed over lakes, swamps, and forests as you view the coastline from above or challenge your fear of heights as you make your way up climbing walls and across obstacles suspended up to 80 feet in the air. With varying levels of difficulty, there’s something to suit everyone’s comfort level!

No matter where you end up staying or what you end up doing in Myrtle Beach, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time! Between the ocean, the city, and its surrounding forests and wetlands, there’s certainly plenty to do and see! You may even find yourself returning on more than one occasion to take advantage of all that Myrtle Beach has to offer! 

If you are looking for additional ideas for camping destinations, check out more places to camp, here at MustGoCamping.

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