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Camp cooking and recipes for your next campout

Easy Camp Cooking

One of the best parts of camping has to be cooking over an open fire, or at least over some charcoal. I love camp cooking and cooking in a Dutch Oven. On the camp stove, or over the fire, here are some easy options for a memorable camping meal on your next camping adventure.

How to Make a S’Mores (Smores) by the Campfire

[youtube] How to Make a S'mores by the Campfire. Better know as a s'more, which is DELICIOUS! First we...
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5 Dutch Oven Recipes for National Junk Food Day

Here are 5 recipes for Dutch Oven camping treats to help you celebrate National Junk Food day.
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Dutch Oven Cooking 101

[youtube] Expert camp cooking authors Tim and Christine Conners walk you through what you need to know about Dutch...
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Buffalo Chicken Pasta – Dutch Oven Style

This is a cheesy and spicy Pasta recipe that everyone will love at your next campout, or backyard cookout.
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Easy Apple Spice Cake Dutch Oven Cobbler

An easy campfire cooking recipe for Apple Spice Cake Cobbler in a Dutch Oven. Try this delicious, easy to prepare cobbler at your next campout.
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7 Mouth Watering Hot Dog Recipes For Your Next Campout

With a little research, I found that there are some creative, and tasty things that you can do with hot dogs when you're camping, or just having a back yard barbecue.  Take a look at these recipes and give them a try on your next outdoor adventure.
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The 5 Best Selling Dutch Oven Cookbooks at*

There are many Dutch Oven recipe books on Amazon. Having trouble picking one out? Here's a list of the top selling choices.
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Delicious Dutch Oven Lasagna Recipe

Cooking is the best part of camping. And it's always fun to surprise your friends at dinner around the campfire with something unexpected. Here's something to try that's easy, and delicious. Meaty Dutch Oven Lasagna!
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How to cook Pizza over a Campfire

Here are a couple of pizza demonstrations I found on youtube. Nothing beats pizza when you are cooking with kids, and cooking over a campfire can be lots of fun. There are a few techniques here that will help you make a killer pizza at your next campout.
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Basic Hobo Foil Pouch Dinner

A basic foil dinner recipe that can be prepared ahead of time and brought to your campsite in a cooler, or easily prepared on site. The hobo beef dinner is a staple a Boy Scout camp, and can be modified to your taste.
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