Bringing It In

Nothing beats a quiet campsite next to a lake. Fishing, cooking over a fire, spending more time out on the water until dusk, and then hanging out with good friends watching the stars. We spent this day at a site on some local state land, away from any serviceable cell phone signal. The activities of the day included setting up tents, scavenging for firewood, and getting a fire going so we would have sufficient cooking coals at dinner time. Then there was time for some fishing, reading, or just relaxing. After dinner, a couple of us went out on the lake in a canoe and stayed until just after sunset. Then we just sat around the fire, talking about the day, about where we would go on our next camping trip, and watching the stars. These quiet camping trips are my favorites.

I hope you all have at least one chance to disconnect this summer, and reconnect with the outdoors.

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