Basic Hobo Foil Pouch Dinner

Here is a basic Foil Dinner recipe that can be used as a basis for any foil recipe you can come up with. Beef, onion, potatoes, and carrots are used in this example.  They can be done in the oven, or on a camp fire.

If you are doing these on a camp fire, get some coals from the fire pulled out to the edges so these don’t get too hot, too fast.  I always suggest preparing these with the ingredients you like the least against the foil so that if the edges do get a little crispy you don’t feel as bad.  I like to add a little oil of some sort to mine.  She added water to help steam the veggies, which I have not done in the past.

These are great for getting the kids involved in cooking.  Give them the ingredients, and with supervision, let them assemble their foil pouch.  If you are doing this, you may want to get creative with how you fold the foil pouches, or remember where each one goes on the fire so each kid gets their own dinner.

She put a couple seasonings on her dinners.  I have added worcestershire sauce for flavor in the past. You can use just about anything that sounds good.  It usually depends on how stocked the seasoning box in the camper is when we’re putting them together.

She uses a tent method for folding the dinner.  With these dinners, you really don’t need to.  If you just wrap the meal, you can flip them part way through cooking.  When you want to use the tent that she demonstrated is when you have something that has a topping that you want to keep off the foil, like cheese.   I can put up my chicken parm foil dinner in the future.  That is a good example of when you really need to use the tent method to fold the foil.  Give this dinner a try, and leave a comment below to let us know how it worked out for you.


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