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7 Mouth Watering Hot Dog Recipes For Your Next Campout

Who knew there were so many ways to serve hot dogs.  Try one of these on your next campout!

Barbecued Hot Dogs

This recipe from is for hot dogs cooked in a delicious bbq sauce.  The recipe is for a skillet, but it could also be done in a dutch oven.  It’s a pretty easy recipe, and everything can be done in a single skillet or pot.  It may require a little extra elbow grease at cleanup time if the sauce gets baked onto the cast iron, but boiling some water in your skillet or oven after the leftovers are gone should take care of it.

Skillet Frank’s and Potatoes

Another skillet recipe that can also be done in your dutch oven.  Who doesn’t love home fries?  From, this recipe should be very easy for new dutch oven chefs.  It calls for chopped up potatoes, which you can do if you want to.  Or you can simplify for a campfire cookout by using a package of frozen home fries.

Southern Style Grilled Franks

Before leaving the web site, here’s one more from them.  Grilled Franks along with a southern style barbecue sauce and Coleslaw.  These Frank’s aren’t cooked in the sauce as in the first recipe. And this recipe uses another unique barbecue sauce for you to enjoy. The entire recipe can be found here.

Sweet Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

This recipe calls for putting the wrapped hot dogs in a baking dish in the oven at 400 degrees.  What can we do to make these on a campout?  Foil… lightly coat the aluminum foil with oil, and place some wrapped hotdogs in it.  Close the foil around the hot dogs, wrapping them tightly in the foil. Place them around the campfire, close, but not in the coals.  Or put them on a grill over a fire.  Turn them occasionally.  The time is going to depend on how big your fire is, but get them close to the fire and check them in 15 minutes.  Also try leaving the hot dogs whole, and serving them in hot dog rolls.

Hot Dog Roll Ups

This is an easy hot dog wrap recipe for the microwave.  To make these outdoors, grill the hot dogs, them put them in the wraps with cheese.  If you want the wrap toasted, put them back on the grill briefly.

BBQ Hot Dog Potato Packs

A delicious foil dinner recipe, using hot dogs, potato wedges, and bbq sauce.  Grill it until it’s hot, and enjoy!!  This is also pretty easy to assemble, so you can involve the kids in making this meal.

Cheddar Bacon BBQ Hot Dogs

This is a simple grilled hot dog, split and paired with bbq sauce, bacon, cheese, and onions.  

Enjoy these hot dog ideas at your next outdoor cooking adventure.  Coen below and tell us your favorite way to have a hot dog!

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