5 Dutch Oven Recipes for National Junk Food Day

National junk food day is Friday July 21st 2017.   One of the highlights of any camping trip for us is making dessert over the fire, and there is no shortage of snack and dessert recipes out there to try.  In honor of national junk food day, here are some delicious dutch oven recipes guaranteed to be more tasty than healthy.

Dutch Oven Donuts

Here’s a great idea for getting the kids involved.  Let them help with the dough and cutting out the donuts (or rolling donut holes).  Of course, the adults should be in charge of putting the donuts in the hot oil as well as removing the.  A great treat for the evening on the back lawn!

Pot of S’mores

A new take on an old favorite.  Try this awesome smores recipe in your dutch oven for a gooey treat.

Dutch Oven Nachos

Who doesn’t like nachos!?!  Here’s a new twist on this favorite to try around your next campfire.

Dutch Oven Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mmmm, cookies! Another good one for the kids to help with.  Great baking tips for the dutch oven in this article as well.

Apple Spice Cake Dutch Oven Cobbler

From the MustGoCamping.com recipe collection, here’s a super simple cobbler recipe to try.  It’s a favorite on our campouts.
I hope you enjoy these recipes, and that you had a great Junk Food day!  For more tips on dutch oven cooking try our essential dutch oven cooking tools article, as well as dutch oven cooking 101 here on MustGoCamping.com.

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