Gettysburg Battlefield - Witness Tree at Devils Den

Campgrounds in Gettysburg PA

Gettysburg Battlefield - Pennsylvania Monument
Gettysburg Battlefield – Pennsylvania Monument

Gettysburg, PA is one of the most well preserved Civil War battlefields in the United States.  There are a number of ways to learn about the battle, including self-guided hiking tours, guided bus tours, museums, and exhibits.  For those that love to shop, there is also an outlet mall!  Once you decide to visit Gettysburg, the next question is where to stay.  There are a number of hotels in the area in a variety of price ranges.  However, my preference is to camp, and I’ve done that twice so far.  There are many more places to camp around Gettysburg than I have listed here, so if you want to do a check for yourself, or these places are full, do a quick google search.  That’s where I started, and what I have listed here is what ended up being my shortlist.  I narrowed them down mostly by location and their proximity to the battlefield.  So pack up your tent or your RV and hit the road!  Read on, for some of the best places to camp in and near Gettysburg.

Round Top Campground

This is where I have stayed on my two camping trips to Gettysburg.  They have a pool, but we were there in the spring and fall when it was not open.  They have nice clean restrooms and showers, as well as a laundry room (a plus for going with kids).  There is WiFi but it is not free.  This campground is ¼ mile from the Round Tops, which is on the Southeastern portion of the battlefield – one of my favorite spots.  Also, they have a great area for a group to tent camp.  We took a group of Scouts and had slightly more than 20 people in the group.  There was a spot in the campground where we could all put up tents together, sharing a few sites, and they charged as a very reasonable per person rate.  They are very Scout friendly, and I’ve see other Scout groups there as well.  Having a 5+ hour drive to get there, I can also comment on the fact that their after-hours check-in was very handy.  We arrived on a Friday after waiting to leave home until the kids got out of school for the day and driving a number of hours to get there.  The check-in process went very smoothly.  They had a box where they left check-in packet, where we needed to go and any other basic info we needed.  We handed in the signed forms the following morning at the front office.  We went back to this campground the next time we took the Scouts as well.  Everyone was satisfied with our stay.   Check out Round Top Campground’s website for more information.  And here is a Google map for directions.

Artillery Ridge Campground

Gettysburg Battlefield - Canon
Gettysburg Battlefield – Canon

The Artillery Ridge Campground is located where the Union’s artillery reserves were held during the battle of Gettysburg.  This is one of the closest campgrounds to the battlefield, and rates highly on review sites such as Google and Tripadvisor.  As with the other campgrounds in this roundup, they have everything from primitive tent sites, to full RV hookups and cabins.  Whatever style of camping you love will be accommodated here.  Services include WiFi, a pool, and numerous activities.  What sets this campground apart is the ability to bring your horses with you.  If you travel with your horses and want access to the many horse trails around Gettysburg, this is the place for you to go.  If you don’t have your own horse, you can also connect with National Riding Stables, and enjoy a tour of the battlefield on horseback.  I’ve found that hiking has been a great way to see the battlefield and get a much better perspective than touring by car.  I am hoping to go back and try the tour on horseback, for a similarly unique experience, traveling as some of the combatants traveled during the battle.  Check out Artillery Ridge Campground online for more details, as well as this Google Map for directions.

Gettysburg Campground

Gettysburg Campground has everything from primitive tent sites, RV sites, cabins, and cottages.  They are located 3 miles west of the center of the town of Gettysburg.  Amenities include cable TV, Wifi, a pool, mini-golf, and fishing in the Marsh Creek, which runs along the border of the campground. Their website boasts a 9.5 rating from the Good Sams Club.  Tour buses are available for the battlefield and for trips to Washington DC.  Looking at the campground map, this is definitely a campground I want to try out.  It has a creek around the border, allowing fishing, and as long as it’s not during a period of heavy rain, I would love to camp near the creek in a tent for a few nights.  The sound of running water is one of my favorite things to listen to when tent camping.  It’s relaxing and covers up some of the background noises common to public camping areas.  Head over to Gettysburg Campground’s web site for further details, and here is a Google Map for your convenience.

Gettysburg Battlefield KOA

The Gettysburg Battlefield KOA is located a little bit outside of town, but not far.  This campground has good reviews online and seems to be clean and well kept.  Full range of sites, from tent sites to water/electric, water/electric/sewer, and cabins.  They have WiFi, a pool, bike rentals,  mini-golf, and in the peak season, buses are available to Washington DC Tuesday-Thursday.  In 2003 the Gettysburg KOA received the KOA Campground of the year.  This campground has many activities and amenities, to give you a comfortable and fun stay in Gettysburg.  This also made my list, even though it is slightly farther away than some of the other campgrounds, because of its reviews.  People have had good experiences here, and it appears to be a very clean and well-kept campground, but for now, it’s still on my wish list of places to stay. The Gettysburg Battlefield KOA can be found online, and once again follow this link for a Google map to find it.

Drummerboy Camping Resort

The Drummerboy Camping Resort is very close to downtown Gettysburg and consists of 95 acres of wooded campgrounds and cabins. Amenities include mini-golf, a store, a game room, golf cart rentals, tri-cycle rentals, two pools, a whirlpool spa, and a 250′ water slide. There are cabins, cottages, and lofts if you want luxury but don’t have an RV. If you want to visit Gettysburg in the off-season, winter camping is available at the Drummerboy Camping Resort.

Gettysburg Battlefield Resort

The Gettysburg Battlefield Resort is a Travel Resorts of America property, located in Gettysburg PA on the Emmitsburg Road. They offer RV and Tent camping along with cabin rentals. They have over 264 sites, with shaded campsites also available. Amenities include the Farmhouse Lodge, climate-controlled bathhouses, a snack bar, laundry facilities, internet access, hiking trails, an Olympic sized swimming pool, and stocked lake with catch and release fishing, and planned/themed events and activities.

Granite Hill Camping Resort

The Granite Hill Camping Resort in Gettysburg is the home of the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival, and Gettysburg Adventure Golf! Located on a 150-acre farm, they offer tent and RV camping sites as well as cabins. Granite Hill is also home to the Red Brick Cafe and a historic farmhouse available as a Bed and Breakfast. You will have access to a pool, tennis courts, 4 playgrounds, a trout fishing pond, 4 playgrounds, a 3-acre bass fishing lake, a snack bar, and a game room. Activities include hayrides, basketball, shuffleboard, volleyball, horseshoes, and a softball field.

Enjoy Camping in Gettysburg PA

Gettysburg is a great area, whether you like history, ghosts, or just like to get outdoors and camp.  It’s a beautiful town with lots to do and see, and it is in an absolutely gorgeous part of the United States.  For a family getaway, you can’t beat it.  I’ve been there about 5 times now, and I still find new things to see every time I go back.  I also leave each time with a list of things to do the next time I visit.  I’m looking forward to my next trip there, and I hope you are too!

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