3V Gear Velox II Tactical Bag

3V Gear Velox II Tactical Assault Pack

I recently received the Velox II tactical bag from 3V Gear to review here on MustGoCamping.  I can always utilize a bag with lots of pockets for an EDC bag, and this bag fits the bill. Over the last few weeks I have used this for a general purpose bag carrying my laptop to work, as well as a day pack for a couple of hikes.  It comfortably supports the weight on your shoulders, and with a sternum strap, stays secure while hiking.

3V Gear Velox II Tactical Bag
3V Gear Velox II Tactical Bag

This is a fairly common size pack, good for a carry-on for travelling, a day pack for short hikes, or just an every day back for commuting to work.  3V Gear bags have a lifetime warranty, so they are made to take a beating.

The main section that also contains a padded laptop compartment.  Besides that, there is room for lunch, some spare clothes, rain gear, or whatever else you need to carry. The secondary compartment has pockets for notebooks, papers, maybe a tablet, or other thinner items. And on the very front are two additional small pockets for items you may need to frequently access, and some smaller pockets for pens, and maybe a charging brick or cables.  If you’re hiking, some small tools, fire starting kit, a flashlight, and other small essentials will fit nicely in these pockets.  The bag’s main compartment measures 18″H x 12″W x 4.5″ D.  The secondary compartment measures 16″ H x 9.5″ W x 2.5″ D.  The top front measures 6″ H x 8″ W x 2.5″ D, and the bottom front 10″ H x 9″ W x 2″ D.  This provides a total of around 27 liters of storage.

The front and sides of this bag have molle loops.  This gives you a number of options for expansion. Notably for hiking and day trips, a first aid kit could be attached.  Or any number of small bags and pouches can be obtained from 3V Gear or other sources, giving you many options for EDC usage.

The bag has top and side compression straps.  These would be helpful when flying, as well as keeping bulky items as small as possible when hiking.  The waist strap that goes upto 52, giving you lots of room.  There is a compartment for a hydration pack with an opening for a drinking hose.

Compared to other bags I’ve had of this size, it’s got some advantages.  This isn’t laid out a lot different than many other bags I’ve had of its size as far as the compartments.  It’s a solution that works, so why break it.  What sets it apart is that it’s got the heavy duty waist strap to help support the weight of your pack.  And it’s got the molle system, so you can attach a number of add on stuff bags.  I’ve found first aid kits that will attach to it for hiking.  I just received a set of molle fasteners from Amazon, which will let you attach any number of things to it.  And there is even a camera insert available on the 3V gear web site to make this into a camera bag.

Full disclosure, I’m not getting paid to write the review (but I do get to keep the bag), and I will get a commission of you click one of the links here and buy one.  This was a great bag to review, and I’m looking forward to testing out more from 3V Gear, so head on over there and support them, and this web site!

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